Our Story

Media OutReach was founded in Hong Kong in 2009 and today, we have grown to be Asia Pacific first global newswire and the only newswire that owns its press release distribution network across 22 countries in Asia Pacific region

About Media OutReach

Today, Media OutReach is the fastest growing newswire, and is widely use by PR agencies and companies across Asia Pacific and internationally. We are proud that thousands of PR professionals have entrusted their communication outreach to Media OutReach. Our services are widely regarded as being the most intuitive about the region – from press release distribution to reporting – and we have received such accolades from PR professionals and newswire partners from all over the world.

As individuals, what makes us tick is our natural curiosity for innovation that furthers the cause of excellence. Our people love to see others succeed. All this feeds into a simple fact: we genuinely listen to our clients and care about their achievements. We believe in truly serving them by investing in gaining a clear understanding of their needs, and by utilising technology to keep abreast of how best to deliver their press releases to journalists and to generate insightful reports on performance.



Innovating to change an industry

Media OutReach keeps ahead of the curve by constantly innovating. We have become a pioneer in the newswire industry by addressing a long-ask clients’ question: do journalists look at our releases? Thanks to our innovative press release distribution platform, Media OutReach is able to produce Media and Journalist Insights reporting, which identifies how journalists interact with press releases. This covers the opening-rate by publication, by country and the conversion rate from opening to write-up. Media OutReach is able to spearhead this type of reporting because we own our journalist database, and our innovative proprietary system can gather insights for our clients.




Our philosophy

At Media OutReach, the way we operate is based on the concept of social enterprise and our core value is care.

These are the three pillars that support our philosophy:

  • Caring for our clients’ performance is central to our own success
  • Caring for our people drives us forward as a business
  • Caring for our community allows us give back

Our corporate social responsibility programme

Asian University for Women

Media OutReach provides global pro bono press release distribution services to support the communication outreach of the university, as well as making financial contributions.

About Asian University for Women

Founded in 2008 and located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, the Asian University for Women (AUW) is the first of its kind: a regional institution dedicated to women’s education and leadership development – international in outlook, but rooted in the contexts and aspirations of the people of Asia. Students from 15 countries attend the AUW. This university exists solely to support a rising network of women leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers from across the region. It seeks out women who have significant academic potential, and who demonstrate courage and a sense of outrage at injustice, and who are empathic to the woes of other people. A majority of the AUW’s students are the first in their family to enter university; 98% of AUW’s students are on full or near-full scholarships funded by private donors from around the world. The majority of AUW graduates find employment in the private sector in their home countries, while about 25% go on to pursue graduate studies. AUW graduates or former students have been admitted to Stanford, Oxford, Columbia, Brandeis, Surrey and a host of other leading universities in the world.